Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Egyptian Theater and Courtyard Venue Description

The Egyptian Theater and Courtyard is a party and film screening venue and also one of the most historic and legendary buildings in Hollywood. Its history symbolizes the rise, fall, and rebirth of Hollywood boulevard. The landmark building is now completely renovated and restored, from the Sphinx heads and hieroglyphics in the forecourt, to the starburst, which concealed the organ loft inside the theatre's ceiling. After fourteen million dollars worth of renovations, the Egyptian Theater continues to be a living monument of classic Hollywood history.

The venue is perfect for large events, film screenings, and movie premieres. The Egyptian Theater is spacious, brilliantly designed, and offers its guests an authentic taste of time honored Hollywood glamour. Some innovative features the Egyptian theatre offer are the sliding walls, which open to reveal the preserved interior of the original theatre to the entering audience and then slide closed to create a new futuristic theatre inside a palace originally designed for silent film screenings. The Egyptian Theater sets the standard for an extraordinary event venue experience.

So if you are planning on organizing a grandiose event, film premier, or just want to take advantage of a unique screening engagement, look no further than the Egyptian Theater to satisfy your needs. The Egyptian Theater is more than just a spectacular event venue, it is an enduring monument to Tinseltown’s golden age. For party organizers and architecture admirers alike, the Egyptian Theater is one of the most phenomenal landmarks in Hollywood history and offers an unrivaled atmosphere for the ultimate party experience.